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Hand manufactured according to the traditions

All of our handbags and accessories are handmade by the indigenous Wayuu tribe located in the north of Colombia, our policy is to acquire directly to them at a fair price without intermediaries who buy at low prices, take advantage of the Indians and monopolize the market.

Totally free of Nickel

Nickel (Ni) is bad for health, which is why all our jewels are guaranteed without Nickel.

Pre-Columbian origins and Styles

The designs are replicas of originals that can be found for example in the Gold Museum in Bogota or the Museum of Man in Paris. All our jewels are covered with 24K gold or silver

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Deliveries in 72h in the European Union

We do our best to assure deliveries in 72 hours in some European countries. For deliveries outside Europe between 6 – 10 days.

Worldwide deliveries

We deliver our products worldwide, please indicate your full adresse in your order.

Customer Service

We will be glad to help you for any question regarding our products or deliveries. Please use our contact form.