About me

Colombian native and living in France for more that 10 years I wanted to create my own company of Colombian arts & crafts.


MCT Colombian Arts & Crafts

We want to share with you our Colombian origins and culture by the original objects and works made there.

The purpose of Colombianite is to participate in the economic development of indigenous women and promote Colombia by its arts & crafts wealth.

(You can find the creative process here).

All jewellery and accessories are nickel free and are not harmful to your skin and your health.

Our jewelery designs are inspired by many figures produced by various indigenous cultures :Muisca, Tairona, Quimbaya, Cauca, Nariño, Tierradentro, Sinu, Tolima, Uraba, Malagana and San Agustín. These jewels are still handmade and covered in 24K gold or silver. Some have semi-precious stones such as onyx, turquoise, tiger eye, aventurine, natural carnelian, etc.

Handbags and accessories are handmade by women of the Wayuu tribe. They are known by the name “mochila”. Each model is unique.

The Wayuu are  indigenous people who still retains these cultural traditions, like the weaving learned by the spider Wale’Kerü myth. According to history, this is the spider Wale’Kerü taught weaving to the Wayuu women.

This weaving tradition is taught from generation to generation and the manufacture of a bag takes between 15 to 30 days.

Handbags (mochilas) are recognized by their multiple colours and designs.

For them, weaving more than a cultural practice is a cultural heritage of their ancestors, it is a way to design and express life as they wish and desire.

The designs are inspired by figures of nature (animals, plants, bodies, stars, faces, etc.), these are abstract designs with a combination of colours.


by the Wayuu women tribe !

World wide customers

Natural & Biodegradable !